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Release notes for DPX 4.5.5 (build 355)
Release Note - July 25, 2019
Catalogic Software is proud to announce the availability of DPX 4.5.5. This new release of DPX adds support for Windows 2019, Exchange 2019 and provides a virtual Master server OVA deployment mode for new DPX enterprises and other improvements and fixes.
Release Notes for ECX 2.8.0 (build 1030)
Release Note - October 18, 2018
Catalogic Software is proud to announce the availability of ECX 2.8. This new ECX version adds support for the SQL and Oracle to Netapp Storage and many more improvements and fixes.
How to expand the disks or add an additional disk to ECX appliance
How to - February 14, 2017
The ECX virtual appliance ships with three virtual disks. This document describes how to add a new (fourth) virtual disk (hard disk) on your ECX virtual machine. By default, when you deploy the ECX virtual appliance you have the option to only deploy all ...
Troubleshooting Network and Communication Problems FAQs
TSN - December 23, 2016
This article answers frequently asked questions and describes infrastructure requirements for DPX operations in a customer network.