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Release Notes for DPX 4.5.0 (build 044)

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SummaryCatalogic Software is proud to announce the availability of DPX 4.5.0. This new DPX version adds support for vSphere 6.5 on Windows Agentless proxies, SharePoint 2016 support, Exchange DAGs without Cluster Administrator Access Point, Oracle Linux 7.3, SQL Server 2016 support on ReFs file systems and many more improvements and fixes.
Whats new

Agentless Backup/Restore
vSphere 6.5 is supported with Agentless using Windows proxies.(DPC-28456)

Application Backup
SharePoint 2016 is supported as a backup source with DPX agent-based backup and recovery for Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 clients.(DPC-27976)
Exchange Data Availability Group without a Cluster Administrator Access Point (IP-less DAG) is supported on Windows 2012 R2 X64.(DPC-28273)

UEFI machines are supported for Linux BMR, Instant Virtualization, and Full Virtualization.(DPC-18580)

Oracle Linux (OEL) 7.3 is supported for Block-level backup and recovery operations. Unbreakable kernel and Red Hat compatible kernel are supported.(DPC-28521)
Application Backup  
For SQL 2016, Resilient File System (ReFS) is now supported on Windows 2016 for NetApp and OSS backup destinations.(DPC-28596)
Installers check that fail-over clusters are properly configured before completing installation.(DPC-25842)
Extends DPX full feature set support to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3.(DPC-28369)
Extends DPX full feature set support to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2.(DPC-28697)
GUI Navigation
Wizard dialogs are resizable.(DPC-27844)
Log Collect 
Adds ability to compress log files.(DPSUST-3790)
Instant Virtualization job allows user to optionally choose a datastore for a new Virtual Machine.(DPC-26191)
Adds option to Consolidate VMDK and VM files in one folder.(DPSUST-3724)
Bugs Fixed
Block Backup/Restore
Fixes an issue where DPX relationship directory was retaining unneeded files.(DPSUST-3846)
Fixes an issue where restores were prevented due to space restriction on restore source.(DPSUST-3816)

Fixes an issue with BMR recoveries for Red Hat 7.x. (DPSUST-3803)
Fixes an issue where invalid username or password message was unclear when CDOT instead of SVM account is used.(DPSUST-3839)
Fixes an issue where AIX backup job fails after update to DPX 4.4 patch 0061.(DPSUST-3650)
GUI Navigation
Fixes an issue where some lists were improperly sorted in user interface.(DPSUST-3761)

Job Monitor
Fixes an issue where bexcollect utility messages were confusing.(DPSUST-3647)
Fixes an issue where delivery of some job notifications ceased after a software update.(DPSUST-3791)
Fixes an issue where cancelling or cancelled jobs were not being included on some logs.(DPSUST-3827)
Fixes an issue where backup job completed but appeared to fail because return code is inaccurate.(DPSUST-3906)
NDMP Backup
Fixes an issue where NDMP backups targeting $LATEST_ECX failed due to snapshot name formulation from ECX.(DPSUST-3882)
Fixes license report to show units as GB not TB.(DPSUST-3830)
Fixes an issue where some reports that are run through the ECX interface were empty in certain circumstances.(DPSUST-3871)
Detects if VMware Tools is missing for agentless jobs.(DPSUST-3737)
Fixes an issue where agentless backups fail because DPX mistakenly detects that VMware Tools are not installed.(DPSUST-3855)
Known Issues
Article TypeRelease Note
Article Number000005112
Created Date5/4/2017 10:22 AM



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