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Release Notes for ECX 2.8.0 (build 1030)

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SummaryCatalogic Software is proud to announce the availability of ECX 2.8. This new ECX version adds support for the SQL and Oracle to Netapp Storage and many more improvements and fixes.
Whats new
Adds support for Oracle to NetApp Block/NFS Storage.(ECC-12657)
Adds support for SQL backup to NetApp Block Storage.(ECC-12657)

System Compatibility 
Adds Support for vSphere 6.7 
Adds support for NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 9.4 
Administrative Console logs are now located in the following directory: /data/log(ECC-12677)

Application Backup 
Oracle data masking enhancements. (ECC-12792)
Supports Oracle backup on NetApp LUN with data masking enabled.(ECC-12774)

Application Recovery 
Improves performance of SQL restore. (ECSUST-1509)
Improves reliability of SQL restore in environment with many SQL Server databases.(ECSUST-1507)
Enhances process for restore/data movement to original location. (ECC-12740)

Inventory Process Enhancements
Load on vCenter is reduced and performance is improved during inventory job.

SQL Support 
ECX copies SQL files back to original volume.
ECX is aware of pRDM disks for SQL backup and restore.
Enhancements to the SQL agent to support Always On availability groups with failover cluster instances.(ECC-10341)
Bugs Fixed
Advanced Backup 
Fixes an issue where VM backups utilized excessive CPU.(ECSUST-1549)

Advanced Recovery 
Fixes an issue where restore of database instances using masked storage copies failed.(ECC-12807)

Application Backup 
Fixes an issue where an SLA policy could not be selected when defining an Oracle backup job.(ECC-12674)
Fixes an issue where Oracle snapshot backup with "enable data masking" failed.(ECC-12813)

Application Recovery
Fixes an issue in Oracle environments where retrieval of recovery versions on NetApp storage was unsuccessful.(ECC-12707)

Fixes an issue where default inventory job was not generated as expected.(ECSUST-1545)

Disables an option that was causing snapshots to be needlessly left on storage after an instant restore job.(ECSUST-1476 )

Fixes an issue where the values of Site and Volumes were not displayed correctly in an exported PDF report.(ECC-12696)
Known Issues
Article TypeRelease Note
Article Number000005363
Created Date10/16/2018 7:39 AM



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