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Auto cancel timeout leads to failure of block level backup

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SummaryThe resolution phase of a block level can take longer than the default Resolution Auto Cancel Interval resulting in the failure of the backup.

A block level Resolution Auto Cancel Timeout Amount defaults to 30 minutes in DPX. On some block level  clients( e.g Large file servers,exchange DAG nodes and SQL servers), this amount is not sufficient for the resolution phase to complete.

If the auto cancel is activated before the resolution phase is complete, the backup of a block level  client fails with the following messages in the joblog:

X.X.X.X sssvh Wed Oct 10 11:01:02 2007 SNBSVH_391W Waiting for resolution on node(XXXXXX) to complete
X.X.X.X sssvh Wed Oct 10 11:01:02 2007 SNBSVH_377E Resolution for node(XXXXXX) has not completed. Auto cancel is being initiated
X.X.X.X sssvh Wed Oct 10 11:01:03 2007 SNBSVH_926E Job definition resolution for node(XXXXXXX) failed with exception: com.syncsort.bex.db.JobDefException: Application info not available


See the following screen capture to show the option that needs to change: 

Increase the auto cancel timeout amount by doing the following 
1)      Open the Management Console 
2)      Open the job in question 
3)      Open the job options 
4)      Change the Resolution Auto Cancel Interval (Minutes) from 30 minutes to 120 minutes for example
5)      Save the job 
6)      Run the failing block level backup again
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