Release Notes for DPX 4.5.0 (build 044)

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Whats new

Agentless Backup/Restore
vSphere 6.5 is supported with Agentless using Windows proxies.(DPC-28456)

Application Backup
SharePoint 2016 is supported as a backup source with DPX agent-based backup and recovery for Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 clients.(DPC-27976)
Exchange Data Availability Group without a Cluster Administrator Access Point (IP-less DAG) is supported on Windows 2012 R2 X64.(DPC-28273)

UEFI machines are supported for Linux BMR, Instant Virtualization, and Full Virtualization.(DPC-18580)

Oracle Linux (OEL) 7.3 is supported for Block-level backup and recovery operations. Unbreakable kernel and Red Hat compatible kernel are supported.(DPC-28521)
Application Backup  
For SQL 2016, Resilient File System (ReFS) is now supported on Windows 2016 for NetApp and OSS backup destinations.(DPC-28596)
Installers check that fail-over clusters are properly configured before completing installation.(DPC-25842)
Extends DPX full feature set support to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3.(DPC-28369)
Extends DPX full feature set support to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2.(DPC-28697)
GUI Navigation
Wizard dialogs are resizable.(DPC-27844)
Log Collect 
Adds ability to compress log files.(DPSUST-3790)
Instant Virtualization job allows user to optionally choose a datastore for a new Virtual Machine.(DPC-26191)
Adds option to Consolidate VMDK and VM files in one folder.(DPSUST-3724)
Bugs Fixed
Block Backup/Restore
Fixes an issue where DPX relationship directory was retaining unneeded files.(DPSUST-3846)
Fixes an issue where restores were prevented due to space restriction on restore source.(DPSUST-3816)

Fixes an issue with BMR recoveries for Red Hat 7.x. (DPSUST-3803)
Fixes an issue where invalid username or password message was unclear when CDOT instead of SVM account is used.(DPSUST-3839)
Fixes an issue where AIX backup job fails after update to DPX 4.4 patch 0061.(DPSUST-3650)
GUI Navigation
Fixes an issue where some lists were improperly sorted in user interface.(DPSUST-3761)

Job Monitor
Fixes an issue where bexcollect utility messages were confusing.(DPSUST-3647)
Fixes an issue where delivery of some job notifications ceased after a software update.(DPSUST-3791)
Fixes an issue where cancelling or cancelled jobs were not being included on some logs.(DPSUST-3827)
Fixes an issue where backup job completed but appeared to fail because return code is inaccurate.(DPSUST-3906)
NDMP Backup
Fixes an issue where NDMP backups targeting $LATEST_ECX failed due to snapshot name formulation from ECX.(DPSUST-3882)
Fixes license report to show units as GB not TB.(DPSUST-3830)
Fixes an issue where some reports that are run through the ECX interface were empty in certain circumstances.(DPSUST-3871)
Detects if VMware Tools is missing for agentless jobs.(DPSUST-3737)
Fixes an issue where agentless backups fail because DPX mistakenly detects that VMware Tools are not installed.(DPSUST-3855)
Known Issues
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TitleRelease Notes for DPX 4.5.0 (build 044)
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