Release notes for DPX 4.5.2 (build 177)

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Whats new

Application Backup
Option to truncate transaction logs of Microsoft SQL Server for Block backup is supported. (DPSUST-1012)

GUI Navigation
User can create and save named filters in Job Monitor screen. (DPSUST-4073)
Ability to save "Nodes Info" content to a file in CSV format is supported. (DPSUST-4274)

NDMP Backup/Restore
WORM media is supported for NDMP backups.(DPSUST-4208)

System Compatibility 
Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2018 is supported as basic client and device server. (DPC-29172)

Storage Platform
vStor server is available as primary backup destination. vStor administration is documented. (DPC-29110)
Agentless backup to vStor is supported with Linux virtualization proxy node.(DPC-29109)
Replication from one vStor server to another is supported.(DPC-29117 )

Agentless Backup/Restore
Maximum number of active tasks within an Agentless backup job is adjustable; limited to 10 by default.(DPSUST-2979)

Bare metal restore (BMR)
Improves messaging for case where BMR target disk is smaller than source disk,when original machine has EFI firmware. (DPC-29106)

Documentation for Agentless Permissions has been updated.(DPSUST-4023)

GUI Navigation:
In job monitor screen, users can now choose to release multiple jobs from context menu.(DPC-29111)
In job monitor screen, users can now release Held jobs that have already passed.(DPC-29112)
The report toolbar now highlights the selected report.(DPC-29118)
Feature to test and update VMware vSphere credentials is supported. (DPSUST-4221)

Bugs Fixed

Application Backup
Fixes an issue where Microsoft SQL Server 2017 was not appearing properly in backup dialog.(DPC-28970)
Fixes an issue where Net Service Name was unchecked when configuring Oracle database in DPX.(DPC-28992)

Block backup/Restore
Fixes an issue where, after update from DPX 4.5.0, some backups complete but return an rc=4 (DPSUST-4211)
Fixes an issue where wrong status code was returned for the case when APPS was the only task in a job. (DPSUST-4269)

GUI Navigation
Fixes display of Oracle versions 12C and 12CR2 in Block backup.(DPC-29042)
Fixes an issue where the Display Calendar dropdown responded inaccurately.(DPC-29082)
Fixes an issue where the major tabs on the Management Interface displayed improperly. (DPC-29086)
Fixes an issue where job monitor sometimes displayed no job . (DPSUST-4162)
Fixes an issue where job monitor reported incorrect time for the monitor starting time.(DPSUST-4239)

Fixes a messaging issue when no Virtualization ISO is found. (DPSUST-4009)
Fixes an issue where multiple backups of SQL node issued unexpected warning.(DPSUST-4203)

Fixes an issue where default keyring superseded assigned keyring.(DPSUST-4149)

Known Issues
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TitleRelease notes for DPX 4.5.2 (build 177)
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