Release notes for DPX 4.5.4 (build 283)

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Whats new
Supports Archiving for Agentless backups to vStor target (DPC-29456 )

Supports Windows BMR for vStor (DPC-29480)
Supports Linux 3.10+ BMR ISO for vStor(DPC-29481)

System Compatibility 
Adds Support for vSphere 6.7 
Improves handling of iSCSI initiator names for vStor(DPSUST-4435 )
Provides improvements for JRE security update to 1.8u181 (DPC-29792)
Bugs Fixed
Fixes an issue where User Interface did not display Archive schedule option for Block backups to OSS target (DPSUST-4467)

Fixes an issue where User Interface did not open Job Definition for File Backup from 'Display Job Definition' right-click menu in Job Monitor screen (DPSUST-4413)
Displays informative error message in job log of Block backup to vStor, relating to an incorrect job definition flag saved by User Interface (DPSUST-4426)
Known Issues
Agentless Archive
When a virtual machine that was double protected is migrated and later restored, the Restore from Media Wizard might display the original path of the VM, not the new path to which it was migrated.  Workaround is to use Agentless Restore wizard to see the correct path.(DPC-29830)
When there are more than two vStor nodes, sometimes vStor nodes are not displayed in Agentless archive restore wizard. This is related to the order by which vStor nodes and their TCP/IP nodes are added to the Enterprise.  A hot fix is expected to be provided.(DPC-29894)
Agentless Restore
When performing an Agentless VM restore, the Agentless Restore Summary screen does not display the full value of some VM options. (DPC-29631)
On Linux, some user-customized content such as “bexads” might get reset to default value when DPX is upgraded to 4.5.2.  Workaround is to reset the customized values. (DPSUST-4352)
Oracle backup with inline verification to vStor target fails.  Workaround is to use on-demand verification instead. (DPC-29397)
Clicking Unmap for an IA Map operation of a secondary vStor might fail.  The workaround is to unmap the secondary vStor manually. (DPC-29668)
Catalog Condense might fail when trying to delete a ZFS snapshot in a vStor environment.  Workaround is to run command "vstor support deleteorphaned" then rerun Condense. (DPC-29772)
Agentless Backup to a vStor might fail with a connection error to the vCenter/ESX host. This condition could be caused by DNS related issues. To fix, reconcile name resolution issues between vCenter/ESX host and the proxy, then rerun the Agentless Backup job. (DPC-29819)
After a network interruption, the Nibbler module on a Windows client node might go down unexpectedly for Block backup to vStor.  Crash does not happen on clone of the problematic VM after reinstalling DPX. (DPC-29875)
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TitleRelease notes for DPX 4.5.4 (build 283)
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