Release notes for DPX 4.5.5 (build 355)

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SummaryCatalogic Software is proud to announce the availability of DPX 4.5.5. This new release of DPX adds support for Windows 2019, Exchange 2019 and provides a virtual Master server OVA deployment mode for new DPX enterprises and other improvements and fixes.
Whats new
Advanced BackupMicrosoft Windows 2019 is supported as a basic and block client in both standalone and cluster environments.(DPM-15)
Advanced BackupDPX is now qualified with NetApp ONTAP 9.4(DPM-29)
Advanced BackupDPX is now qualified with NetApp ONTAP 9.5(DPM-34)
Advanced Restore Improves the IAAnywhere utility to support vStor storage.(DPC-29666 )
Agentless VMware Improvement to support RRP (Rapid Restore to Production) Wizard for Agentless backups(DPC-29862 )
Agentless VMware Agentless Backup to vStor now uses NFS as the default data transport mechanism.(DPC-30000 )
Application BackupMicrosoft Exchange 2019 is now supported for block level backup for IP-based DAG configurations.(DPM-14)
Setup New DPX Master Server OVA simplifies deployment of DPX Virtual Appliance.(DPC-29841 )
Setup DPX now uses OpenJDK 8 (LTS).(DPC-29923 )
Application Backup Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Cluster on CSV (Cluster Shared Volume) is supported(DPC-29527 )
Application Backup Improves Microsoft Exchange backup by providing option to backup via passive DAG nodes. (DPC-30280 )
Archive Improves Archive of Block Backups to protect ReFS volumes for Windows servers.(DPSUST-1526 )
BMR Improves Window BMR to support keyboard navigation(DPSUST-4319 )
File Backup Improves File Backup to tolerate system resource shortage on protecting WIN2KSYS: task for Windows platforms.(DPSUST-4484 )
GUI Navigation Improves the User Interface to add a new Manage button to bring up vStor management interface.(DPSUST-4512 )
GUI Navigation Improves the User Interface when adding new media, the capacity now can be specified using TB unit.(DPC-29921 )
Setup Updates Apache Tomcat to version 7.0.94(DPSUST-4586 )
Tape Migration Improves the User Interface when defining Auto Migration for File Backup to allow specifying the “Set Retention (Days)” option.(DPSUST-4596 )
Bugs Fixed
Advanced Backup Fixes an issue where Windows VSS copies were not cleaned up at the end of Block Backup.(DPSUST-4153 )
Advanced Backup Fixes an intermittent issue where nibbler.exe process terminated unexpectedly during Block Backups.(DPSUST-4509 )
Advanced Backup Fixes an issue where Verification of Block Backup reported completed successfully even though there was(DPSUST-4470)
an error reported with  cleanup of temporary storage.
Advanced Condense Fixes an issue where Catalog Condense job failed for enterprises with Agentless backups to DPX OSS targets.(DPSUST-4522 )
Advanced Restore Fixes an issue with IAAnywhere utility where it failed to connect to an OSS server if the credential contains special characters.(DPSUST-4462 )
Agentless VMware Fixes an issue with logs cleanup on Agentless proxy nodes which were never part of the protected nodes of either a File or Block Backup.(DPSUST-4475 )
Agentless VMware Fixes an issue with Agentless Backup where a job failed if the selected container object includes VM templates.(DPSUST-4570 )
File Backup Fixes an intermittent issue where a Backup failed to catalog if Catalog Condense was running at the same time.(DPSUST-4466 )
File Backup Fixes an intermittent issue for File Backup where the WIN2KSYS: task failed on Windows platforms.(DPSUST-4557 )
File Backup Fixes an issue with File Backup when enabling Twin option and if backup size is more than 2 TB(DPSUST-4577 )
GUI Navigation Fixes an issue where User Interface hung in Agentless Restore if a vCenter was down.(DPSUST-4166 )
GUI Navigation Fixes an issue with the User Interface for missing archive to media schedules.(DPSUST-4476 )
GUI Navigation Fixes an issue with the User Interface for failing to set landing page for non-SYSADMIN users.(DPSUST-4527 )
Virtualization Fixes an issue where Virtualization of a deleted node required the node to be added back to enterprise first.(DPSUST-4450)
Known Issues
Agentless VMware Agentless backup tasks to vStor fail randomly with error: Resource temporarily unavailable.(DPC-30268 )
BMR BMR fails to restore ReFS partitions from Windows 2019 backup with error  "Error: DstMnt" in the Restore Monitor screen(DPC-30487 )
GUI Navigation The value of VM options is not fully displayed in Agentless restore Summary screen.(DPC-29631 )
GUI Navigation Performance numbers do not make sense when German locale is used on machine running the DPX management console.(DPSUST-4536 )
GUI NavigationDPX Management console fails to start when using OpenJDK icetea-web and java cache path contains a space , see KB DPX UI fails to start running openjdk iceteaweb for more details and a workaround (DPSUST-4616 )
NDMP Restore When running an NDMP Restore the total restore size will show the full volume size and not the expected restore size.(DPSUST-4448 )
Setup Can not update 4.5.5 patch from 4.5.x for Sparc - workaround use manual patching from command line(DPC-30479 )
Tape Migration Migration of tapes may fail under certain conditions with encrypted tapes (DPSUST-4401 )
Virtualization EFI systems sometimes pause at the EFI boot manager. On first boot selecting the correct boot device is required.  (DPC-30277 )
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Article Number000005467
Created Date7/25/2019 9:41 AM

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