Release Notes for DPX 4.4.0 patch 251 (DPX 4.4.4)

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Whats new
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 client is no longer supported for DPX. SUSE support ended 7/31/16. (DPC-28447)
  • DPX supports Linux for agent based Block Backup to NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP target systems. (DPC-27017)
  • Improvement with Management Console where users can load, edit, and resave an existing Agentless. Restore job (DPC-27270)
  • DPX 4.4.4 enforces the rule that Agentless backups require VMTools. (DPSUST-3737)
  • Client Support for Microsoft Windows 10. (DPC-27294)
  • Master and client support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016. (DPC-28298)
  • Support for NetApp Data ONTAP 9.0 and 9.1 targets. (DPC-28400)
  • Support for Amazon Web Services cloud integration with Gateway-Virtual Tape Library. (DPSUST-3763)
  • Improves user notification of log collection status. Informs user when log collection has completed. (DPSUST-3665)
  • Improvements with Block Backup to support virtual machines running on Linux KVM. (DPSUST-3722)
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixes an issue where Windows Recovery Partition fills allocated space. To improve space handling, Windows Recovery Partition will always be backed up as a “base” backup. (DPSUST-2786)
  • Fixes an issue where DPX datmgr master server process is abnormally interrupted on SLES 11 SP4. (DPSUST-3555)
  • Fixes an issue where Oracle backups on a Linux node may fail if multiple Oracle versions are present. (DPSUST-3633)
  • Fixes an issue where block backups may fail on extended XFS partitions on Linux nodes. (DPSUST-3659)
  • Fixes an issue where a rerun of a failed job cannot be opened in Review Scheduled Jobs window on the Management Console. (DPSUST-3687)
  • Fixes an issue where recovery of files with very long paths may fail with Block Restore. (DPSUST-3692)
  • Fixes an issue where a LVM snapshot on a Linux client might not be cleaned up if it was inactive during backup. (DPSUST-3700)
  • Fixes an issue where the License PDF Report uses incorrect capacity unit for the Count column. (DPSUST-3721)   
Known Issues
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TitleRelease Notes for DPX 4.4.0 patch 251 (DPX 4.4.4)
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