Configuring Tape Library Connected to NetApp Storage

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  1. Run the Device Configuration Wizard from any node within your Enterprise.
  2. Login using sysadmin credentials
  3. Select the NetApp Storage Device, which has a tape library connected to it and click next. The wizard requests SCSI probe on the NetApp Storage Device.
  4. Once the status states Done, click View Log. A new window displays with the Tape Library Configuration settings.
  5. Click Save and save the log.
  6. Exit the Device Configuration Wizard.
  7. Open the log file, you saved in any text editor.
  8. To properly configure the tape library within the Catalogic Software management console, retrieve the Device ID and Unique ID of the Arm of the Library and Device Number, Device ID, and Unique ID of each Tape Drive within this Tape Library.
  9. Tape Library Arm Configuration Settings:
    Each Tape library discovered has a section that begins with the following:
    Search for: juke[0]
    juke[n]:devcap[0].getxdevice= mc0
    n equals 0 for the first library found, 1 for the second and so on.
    Device ID of the Arm: mc0

    The SER_NUM=field gives the serial number/unique ID of the arm of the Tape Library.
    Example below.
    SER_NUM=Quantum 73fbcc7e6565a098046700
    The Unique ID of the Arm: Quantum 73fbcc7e6565a098046700
  10. Tape Drive Configuration Settings:
    Look for the NUM_DAT_MOVERS=field to see how many tape drives the library has.
    For each drive, find the section that begins with TAPE_DRV_ID_N= and ends with the start of the next TAPE_DRIVE_ID_<N+1>= or NDMP_STATUS for the last one.
    Example is below.
    TAPE_DRV_ID_0=IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 73fbe5ba6565a098046700,TAPE_DRV_TGT_0=0,TAPE_DRV_LUN_0=0,
    TAPE_DRV_ID_1=IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 73fbf4386565a098046700,TAPE_DRV_TGT_1=0,TAPE_DRV_LUN_1=0,
    TAPE_DRV_ID_2=IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 4e74a29c4f0fa098046700,TAPE_DRV_TGT_2=0,TAPE_DRV_LUN_2=0,
    TAPE_DRV_ID_3=IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 4e74e9dc4f0fa098046700,TAPE_DRV_TGT_3=0,TAPE_DRV_LUN_3=0,

    The above numbers after TAPE_DRV_ID_ is the Device Number of each Tape Drive.
    The info after the = is the serial number/unique id of each Tape Drive.
    Now that we have the Device Numbers and Serial Numbers, we need to match them with the Device ID.

    Scroll down the log until you reach a line starting with dsJukes[#] = JukeInfo
    Below you will see similar to the following example:
    dsDevs[0] = DevInfo {deviceID = "urst0a"; type = ; lun = 0; tgt = 0; makerModel = "IBM ULTRIUM-TD1"; serialNo = "IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 73fbe5ba6565a098046700"; WWN = ""; }
    dsDevs[1] = DevInfo {deviceID = "urst1a"; type = ; lun = 0; tgt = 0; makerModel = "IBM ULTRIUM-TD1"; serialNo = "IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 73fbf4386565a098046700"; WWN = ""; }
    dsDevs[2] = DevInfo {deviceID = "urst2a"; type = ; lun = 0; tgt = 0; makerModel = "IBM ULTRIUM-TD1"; serialNo = "IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 4e74a29c4f0fa098046700"; WWN = ""; }
    dsDevs[3] = DevInfo {deviceID = "urst3a"; type = ; lun = 0; tgt = 0; makerModel = "IBM ULTRIUM-TD1"; serialNo = "IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 4e74e9dc4f0fa098046700"; WWN = ""; }

Take note to the Device ID. By default, the wizard uses device drivers starting with, urst#a, but for all of Catalogic Software tape library configurations we always use the driver no-rewind device id.
The Driver no-rewind device is, nrst#a.

Match what you see for the Device ID & Serial Number here and associate this information back to where you have TAPE_DRV_ID_#, which is the device number. Write down this information. You will need it to complete the configuration.

Below is the proper matching of Device ID, Device Number, & Unique ID of this guides example Tape Library.

Tape Library Arm Device ID: mc0
Tape Library Arm Unique ID: Quantum 73fbcc7e6565a098046700

Tape Drives Configuration:
Device Number: 0
Device ID: nrst0a
Unique ID: IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 73fbe5ba6565a098046700

Device Number: 1
Device ID: nrst1a
Unique ID: IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 73fbf4386565a098046700

Device Number: 2
Device ID: nrst2a
Unique ID: IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 4e74a29c4f0fa098046700

Device Number: 3
Device ID: nrst3a
Unique ID: IBM ULTRIUM-TD1 4e74e9dc4f0fa098046700

Now we must put this information properly in the Catalogic Software Management Console. Open the Catalogic Software Management Console and navigate to Configure >Devices.
Then click on option and select Allow to Update Unique
Note: To properly put in the Unique ID in to the Catalogic Software Management Console copy, paste the ID so the spaces within the Unique ID are kept.

From here, Tape Library Tasks displays on the left side of the window.
Click Add Tape Library.

The panel on the right displays fields to configure the arm of the Tape Library.
Fill in the fields for Controller Node, Controller Id (Device ID), Unique Id, and Device Type.
Controller Node: The NetApp appliance that has the tape library connected to it.
Device Type: Select a storage device type from the pull-down menu (for example, LTO).
Once you have completed the configuration, click the Add button.

Now we must add Tape Drives to the configuration of the tape library.
Click Add Device.

The panel on the right displays fields to configure each tape drive.
Device Name: Any name you choose, example below.
Logical Node Name: Choose the NetApp Appliance that has the tape library connected to it.
Fill in the fields for the Device Number, Device ID and Unique ID for each tape drive. Then click Add.
Continue adding the rest of the tape drives that are in your tape library.
Once you have completed these steps, your tape library is operational.

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