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This article lists Job Return Codes and  DPX Error Messages with explanations. Most of the messages are from the DPX application and appear in the job logs, messages from the operating system and installation process are not included.

Job Return Codes

Job return codes from the management console can be seen on the Jobs or Reports/Jobs windows. They are defined as follows:

Return CodeStatusExplanation
0SuccessJob was successful
1CancelledAn operator cancelled the job
2Minor ProblemAll backup tasks completed and have been cataloged Minor Error
4Partial FailureOne or more tasks failed, successful tasks have been cataloged
8Job Not StartedNo files were backed up; during an incremental or differential backup no new or modified files were found, prescript failed.
16Job FailedJob failed, no tasks cataloged
32Partial CancelPartial cancel. An operator terminated the job, but one or more tasks were successfully cataloged
64Success InsecureA restore job that required hardware encryption completed successfully, but tapes were not encrypted.

DPX Error Messages

The messages that are from DPX appear in the job logs and are listed by message number (return code) and are grouped under the following headings below, Click on te link to be redirected to Article with detail:

DPX Messages 1 - 99 General Messages
DPX Messages 100 – 199 Connection Management Messages
DPX Messages 200 - 299 File and Directory Messages
DPX Messages 300 - 399 Licensing Messages
DPX Messages 1001 - 1100 File Browser Messages
DPX Messages 1101 - 1184 Tape Mount Manager Messages
DPX Messages 1185 - 1215 SMS (Novell) General Messages
DPX Messages 1301 - 1399 Node Browser Messages
DPX Messages 2000 - 2899 Job Handler Messages
DPX Messages 2900 - 3060 Database Messages: Data Manager
DPX Messages 3061 - 3145 Database Messages: Media and Devices
DPX Messages 3146 - 3209 Database Messages: Nodes
DPX Messages 3210 - 3269 Database Messages: Administrators
DPX Messages 3270 - 3429 Database Messages: Jobs
DPX Messages 3430 - 3459 Database Messages: Media Pool
DPX Messages 3460 - 3639 Database Messages: Catalog and Condense
DPX Messages 3640 - 3679 Database Messages: Tape Library
DPX Messages 3680 - 3999 Database Messages: Miscellaneous
DPX Messages 4001 - 4999 Mail Messages
DPX Messages 6000 - 6799 JH/EH Communication Messages
DPX Messages 6800 - 6999 Tape Browser Messages
DPX Messages 7000 - 8599 SCSI ARM DRIVER Messages
DPX Messages 9000-9999 SYSTEM Messages
DPX Messages 10000 - 20000 CMAGENT Messages
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