Unable to log in to the management console after abnormal termination. Refer to the Resolution section for details on how to fix this issue.


There are circumstances when the management console is not able to log in to the master server. This can happen after a failed autoupdate. It can also happen under some circumstances when the master server has an abnormal termination during a catalog backup, condense, or catalog restore operation. On restart, the software appears to be running, but you are unable to log in to the management console.

The following messages may display:

  • Open Job Monitor fails with RC=12104
  • Attempt to log into DPX management console fails, RC=10054
  • Management console fails to open with 12104 while opening the Job Monitor
  • the ssdatmgr* logs display a message similar to Wed Mar 21 12:29:48 2018 SNBDMM3066D Error: DMM is going down: DB is disabled


Perform the following steps on the master server. This corrects the majority of management console login issues.

  1. Stop all DPX services on the master server.
  2. Check that the master server is not out of space on the drive or path where the product is installed. If the server is out of space in the installation area, correct this condition before proceeding.
  3. Navigate to the product bin directory and look for any files ending with the extensions *.lok and *.dis. If any of these files exist, delete them. (eg. ssdb.dis or ssdb.lok)
  4. Navigate to the product db directory and locate the file ssckpt.db. Rename this file to ssckpt.db.old. Once the services are restarted, ssckpt.db file is created.
  5. Start all DPX services on the master server.
  6. Log in to the master server.

If you continue to have trouble logging in, the issue may be more serious. After attempting to start the master server, check that the following processes exist on your server:

Windows Master:

Use the task manager, Processes tab, ensure that 'Show processes from all users' is selected and sort the list by image name. Look for:









UNIX / Linux:

Generate a system process list (for most systems, 'ps -ef' is appropriate) and look for the following processes:




    logger -C 256

    logger -C 256 -udp



If these processes are not running, then you may need technical support assistance to correct a database issue. Shutdown the product and collect the most recent ssdb*.log file from the product logs folder, and supply this to technical support for analysis.

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