The focus of this upgrade of DPX is on the foundational resilience of DPX and in addition the preparation for the DPX GuardMode.

One of the major components of the upgrades to the  DPX 4.8.1 virtual appliances is the operating system change. This is a replacement of CentOS Linux 7.9 with AlmaLinux 8.5. During this migration process, some additional steps need to be performed to upgrade from previous versions.

This upgrade to AlmaLinux 8.5 will improve the ability to respond more rapidly to any newly discovered vulnerabilities. 

This release also contains a number of new features, updates, and bug fixes. Please see What's New on Catalogic MySupport for more information. 

Should you see any failures during this process or need assistance please contact Catalogic Technical Support.

Prerequisites for the upgrade.

  • DPX 4.8.0

  • Ensure you have taken a snapshot of the appliance via the hypervisor

  • Complete Catalog backup

  • Ensure there are no jobs running or scheduled to start running during the upgrade process

  • Verify there is sufficient space available on "/var" and "/" mount points, there should be at least 4 Gb available on each

  • Check the SCSI controller on the VMware virtual machine and make sure that it is a VMware Paravirtual Controller. If it is a case, go directly to the Upgrade Process. This will not be the case if this virtual appliance has been created with the pre-DPX 4.7.1 release, follow the steps below.

    • Steps to change the SCSI Controller on VMware:

      1. While the VM is still running

        1. Right-click on the VM -> Select Edit Settings

        2. Select ADD NEW DEVICE, Add a SCSI Controller,  Select VMware Paravirtual as Type

        3. Login to the virtual appliance using the dpxadmin account

        4. Switch to root access using: sudo bash

        5. Run the following command to load the driver to the kernelinitramfs

          mkinitrd -f -v /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)

          Note: Please make sure there is no whitespace at the end of the command

      2. Shut down the VM

        1. Right-Click on VM Select Edit VM settings

        2. Expand SCSI controller 0

        3. Select Change Type and set the type to VMware Paravirtual

      3. Power on the VM

        • This should now allow you to perform the upgrade process specified below

  • For Hyper-V appliances please contact Catalogic Technical Support for assistance in converting before the upgrade.

Upgrade Process

The upgrade process is a two-step process where the 1st phase of the upgrade is the operating system migration and the second is to upgrade the DPX stack and the DPX core components.

  • Copy the ISO image file and Upgrade Script from the Catalogic MySupport website to a location with more than 10GB of free space

  • Phase 1

    1. Log in to the virtual appliance using the dpxadmin account

    2. Switch to root access using: sudo bash

    3. Go to the location of the script with: cd <script_location>

    4. Change the execution bit of the script with 

      chmod +x
    5. Run the OS upgrade phase by using the --upgrade-os parameter to the script and the ISO image file:

      ./ --upgrade-os dpx_update_4.8.1.iso

      At this stage, a pre-upgrade check will be performed, and should it fail information will be provided on why it failed and the log file name and location will be provided. If you are not able to resolve these failures, please contact Catalogic Technical Support. Do not interrupt process until it's completed or failed. 

      Once the pre-update checks are complete, the Leapp installer will be installed with an updater kernel.

    6. After the script has been completed, the appliance will reboot and complete the OS update.  You can follow this update using the virtual machine console of the hypervisor.

    7. Once the OS update is completed a second reboot will take place.

    8. After the second reboot you can move on to the second phase of the update.

  • Phase 2

    1. Log in to the virtual appliance using the dpxadmin account

    2. Switch to root access using sudo bash

    3. Go to the location of the script with: cd <script_location>

    4. Run the DPX update phase of the script with the ISO image file and follow the prompts.

      ./ ./dpx_update_4.8.1.iso

      Once the upgrade script completes, the appliance needs to be rebooted.

With this process completed the virtual appliance is now fully updated to DPX 4.8.1 

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