The 10060 and 10061 return codes are both issues related to communication to the problem nodes; common causes are that the DPX Software is not running or there is a firewall blocking the DPX ports from communicating with one another.



Block Backup fails with error
  • X.X.X.X 5/16/2017 12:00:06 am SNBSVH_988E APPH session setup failed with exception: ModException(0, Attempted connection to apph@NodeA failed with exception: cm_ap_connect_str(apph@NodeA) failed, rc (10060), description (An event timeout limit was reached.))
  • X.X.X.X 5/16/2017 12:00:06 am SNBSVH_926E Job definition resolution for node(NodeA) failed with exception: com.syncsort.bex.db.JobDefException: APPH session setup failed for node: NodeA

File backups fail with error:

  • X.X.X.X 5 5/24/2017 10:50:21 am SNBJH_3015E *** Communication error with node NodeA, Could not connect to the CMAGENT on the server which was specified., rc=10061, module: ssbrowse *

When adding a new client to DPX you get the error: 



The 10060 and 10061 return codes are both communication issues to the problem nodes. To resolve, please verify the following:

1. Are the Catalogic DPX Services running? This can be verified in the Windows services on the problem client (net start | find "Catalogic")
2. Check the patch level of the problem node to make sure it is the latest patch level as the Master server, by looking at the patches.level file in the updates directory under the DPX install directory if it’s not patch it first.
3. Try and browse the client through the Block backup Screen if you can browse it from there and see the volumes of the server in question retry the job
If Step 3 fails :
Try the following check if the server can be reached via DPX Protocols by doing the following
a. Open a DPX command prompt on the Master server (Windows) or a SSH session to a Linux Master server and from the DPX/bin directory run the following commands
b. run syncui
c. run c s ssbrowse does this succeed ?
4. Verify if there is a firewall on the problem client or between them.  If there is, turn it off and try the backup again or verify that the required DPX ports are open.  See Firewall Support Requirements and Implementation article.
5. Check the client can ping the master server by name and IP address and that the Master can ping the name and IP address from configure | enterprise for the problem client. If not resolve the name resolution issues.
6. Check that in the SSICMAPI setting in the registry under HKLM | Software | Syncsort | BEX | Nodename | O , the entry has -hn in it, if not append it and restart the services and try the job again
7. To exclude any DPX protocols or commands not working on the problem DPX-Client (please run the command in the CLI as administrator or root):
a. Windows:  netstat -an | find "6123"
    Linux:        netstat -an | grep "6123"
b. On the DPX Master Server (use Windows Telnet if installed or other Telnet-Client)
  telnet <client_ip> 6123
c. On the problem Client/Server (use Windows Telnet if installed or other Telnet-Client)
  telnet <masterserver> 6123
If the telnet-connection can be established, the screen will stay completely black otherwise you get an error message after a timeout.
8. Verify if there is a firewall on the problem client or between them if there is turn it off and try the backup again
9. If all of the above fails to resolve the problem, contact Catalogic Technical Support  with the following information:
  •  new failing job log
  • *.jhl from the Master server
  •  svh* logs from the Master server
  •  any *.snp and apph* logs from the client 
  • screenshots of each step completed


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