VM's are backed up in an agentless backup job, although the job option is set to exclude these machines from the agentless backup.




In the Agentless Backup process, the flag guestinfo.BEXInstalled is requested whether it exists or not. If it exists, the VM with agent installed is excluded from AgentlessBackup even if the VM was also selected in the job of an AgentlessBackup Job.

It may be that VM's are backed up in an AgentlessBackup job, although the job option is set to exclude these machines from the AgentlessBackup.
This is a flag under the VMware VCenter Advanced option no longer exists. This may come from a different issues of the VM. VM's are then backed up in an agentless backup job, although this is not preferred.




Please make sure that the job options for the AgentlessJob are set correctly to exclude VM's with agent installed.

1.A Powershell script must be stored on the VM with the agent installed. This script is then started when the DPX CMAgent Service is started and the flag entries on the VCenter are active every time the service is started. This allows the adjustments to be made while the VM is running.

Create the following FIXVM.ps1 script in the DPX/bin directory 


If (Get-Service "VMTools" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) {

    If ((Get-Service 'VMTools').Status -eq 'Running') {
    $service = get-wmiobject -Query 'Select * from win32_service where Name="VMTools"' | Select-object Pathname
    & $service.pathname.trim('"') --cmd "info-set guestinfo.BEXInstalled 4.5"
    } ELSE
    { Write-Host "VMTools is not Running"}
{ Write-Host "VMTools is not installed"}

Edit the ssmap.bat file and add:
Powershell.exe -executionpolicy remotesigned -File "C:\Program Files\DPX\bin\FIXVM.ps1"

Add the option -m ssmap on the CMAGENT entry under HKLM | Software | Syncsort | Backupexpress | Nodename| 0 


2. A second possibility is to set the flag manually on the VCenter under the Advanced VM options. You can only do this if the VM is switched off.
Open the VCenter Management Page and edit the settings of the VM.

Edit Settings  -> VM Options  -> Advanced  -> ConfigurationParameters and EDIT Configuration  -> Add Configuration Params  and add the new entry  with name  guestinfo.BEXInstalled  and with the value 4.5 

Check the settings again and then run an Agentless Backup job. The VM is now excluded from the backup.
The job report should show entries like this:

Wed 5/1/2019 12:33:06 am



Resolution phase started for vCenter node (vcenter)

Wed 5/1/2019 12:33:08 am



Resolution warning for vCenter node (vcenter): Catalogic DPX is installed in VM (Support/esxi1.local/BB_TEST), excluding it from this backup...

Wed 5/1/2019 12:33:08 am



No virtual machines are available for backup from node(vcenter)