Some job reports fail to open and others open without any problems.



When opening a big job report from a Base backup using the Backup Express (BEX) GUI, it fails to open and an error message can be seen in the Java Console:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Different versions of SUN Java have been tried without success.

Other job reports open without problems.



If this error is not seen or noticed it is advised to set the trace level to 5 on the Java Console (open the console and type a number 5). See picture below:



To solve this problem the Java Heap space needs to be increased. The default value is 64 MB.

There are two parameters to add to the runtime environment:

The minimum heap size (MB): Xms250m
And the maximum heap size (MB): Xmx250m

To do this:


  1. Open the Java Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Java tab.
  3. Click the View button on Java Applet Runtime (the top part of the screen).
  4. Click on the Java Runtime Parameters field and enter the values: -Xms250m -Xmx250m for all versions of Java.

  5. Click OK and finish up by restarting the Backup Express GUI.

If no backups can be generated at all please find the knowledge base article about setting a .java.policy file and the usage of Sun Java.

The following link provides some information on Java Runtime Parameters: