An Agentless Backup job fails to retrieve the capabilities for a virtualization proxy server.


The following error is listed in the job log:

Sat Apr 11 20:33:39 2015 SNBSVH_940W Failed to get the virtualization proxy server capabilities for node (Node Name Here) (Reason:null, caused by CMAPI Exception)


The most likely cause is that the selected virtualization proxy node doesn't have the virtualization proxy server components installed.

Verify if the Virtualization Proxy Server Components are Installed

  1. Open the DPX installation directory and locate the ".swinfo" file.
  2. Edit the file and locate the "swinfo.vap" line.
  3. If the node is an agentless proxy server this line will be set to yes.



  1. Open the "lib" folder.
  2. If the node is an agentless proxy server then this folder will contain "vfl.jar" and "rmiserver.jar".

To address this issue, uninstall the DPX installation and re-install with the option "Virtualization Proxy Server" selected in the "Setup Type" screen.

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