During the product upgrade, there may be a change in the name of the cluster resource from the default name of "Catalogic DPX Network Name" to the hostname used for the DPX cluster resource as it is configured in DNS or AD.



After the upgrade, browsing the cluster nodes or the cluster virtual object may fail with the error:

APPH session setup failed with exception: ModException (0, Attempted connection to apph@<IP> failed with exception: cm_ap_connect_str(apph@<IP>) failed, rc (10060), description (An event timeout limit was reached.))

Also, while trying to preview the nodes in Enterprise Configuration the following error may appear:

cm_ap_connect_str(ssnbr@<IP>) failed, rc (10061), description (Could not connect to the CMAGENT on the server which was specified.)

Additionally, while trying to scan the cluster nodes into the Enterprise, the message below could appear:

rc = 0. MS_SUCCESS



Review and confirm that the following Cluster Manager resources are named correctly:

1. The Resource Name in the properties of the Catalogic DPX server name object should be “Catalogic DPX Network Name”. If the hostname of the cluster object appears instead, it can be changed using the Windows command:

cluster res "<hostname>" /rename:"Catalogic DPX Network Name"

or by using Powershell

(Get-ClusterResource -Name "<hostname>").Name = "Catalogic DPX Network Name"

2. Other Resources should show the name “Catalogic DPX Cmagent”. This can be corrected in the properties dialog.

3. The server IP address should show “Catalogic DPX IP Address”. This can also be corrected in the resource properties dialog.