After updating to DPX 4.7, Agentless Backups to the OSS storage never complete. The following is the last line seen in the job log:

XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX ssrmi <Date> SNBVTE_008J  Creating Initiator Group (SS_VMBKUP_XXXXXXXX_1610573400)

This issue only affects on OSS storage and does not affect vStor or NetApp as secondary storage storage


Catalogic provides a Hotfix for this issue which can be downloaded from the MySupport page.

This Hotfix contains a single file named sal.jar which needs to replace the same file found on the DPX Master and all Proxies used in the Enterprise.

To apply the Hotfix, follow these steps:

1. Check that no other jobs are currently running beside the hanging Agentless Backups.

2. Stop the CMAGENT on the nodes where the hotfix will be applied. This would the DPX Master and any proxy in the enterprise

3. Browse to the <DPX>/lib folder

4. Make a backup copy from the file sal.jar to another location.

5. Copy the provided sal.jar file into this folder.

6. Restart CMAGENT on the node.

7. Restart the Agentless Backup jobs. 


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