After creating and storing snapshots in Catalogic vStor in the destination, you can replicate one of the snapshots and bring it back to the original source. And you can use Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) and Instant Access Anywhere with the restored volume in the original source.

Assume that you have a pair of Catalogic vStor appliances in replication relationship, say,

  • Source: vStor Atlanta

  • Destination: vStor Singapore

That is, “vStor Atlanta” (source) has a replication partner “vStor Singapore” (destination) so that the data in vStor Atlanta has replicated to replica volumes in vStor Singapore.

Now, you want to copy a snapshot in the other way: from vStor Singapore to vStor Atlanta. Take the following steps to accomplish this task:

Phase 1: Create a clone volume in vStor Singapore

  1. In a supported web browser, log in to the HTML5-based vStor Management Interface of vStor Singapore.

  2. From the navigation pane, go to Replication. Ensure that the volume in which the snapshot is stored is not in replication relationship with vStor Atlanta.

  3. From the navigation pane, go to Storage. In the VOLUMES section, open the volume to replicate.

  4. In the volume page, open the Snapshots tab. In the list of snapshots of this volume, find the snapshot. Click the ellipses (⋯) of the snapshot and click Clone to create a new volume from this snapshot. Use the default name; for example, “clone dailybu.1600000000”. Click < Back and ensure that you see the clone volume in the VOLUMES section.

Phase 2: Create a snapshot of the clone volume

  1. Open the clone volume, open the Snapshots tab again, and you see the snapshot starting with “clone-” in the list. Copy the name of this snapshot. Click Create Snapshot, paste the name in the “New Snapshot Name” field, and change the prefix from “clone-” to “REPL_”. For example, “REPL_daily-backup.1600000000”.

Phase 3: Replicate the clone volume in vStor Singapore to vStor Atlanta

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Replication.

  2. In the PARTNERSHIP section, click Add New to open the Add new partnership dialog. Enter the IPv4 address, username (which is usually “admin”), and password of vStor Atlanta. Click Ok and ensure that the vStor Atlanta appears as the partner of vStor Singapore.

  3. In the REPLICATION RELATIONSHIPS section, click Add New to open the Add New Relationship dialog. Select the clone volume that you created earlier, set the partner to vStor Atlanta, and click Ok to close the dialog. Ensure that the new replication relationship for the clone volume in vStor Singapore was established with vStor Atlanta. Click Synchronize (🗘), see the REPLICATION SESSIONS section, and wait until the status field of this replication session changes to “COMPLETED”.

Phase 4: Delete the replication relationship

  1. From the web browser, log in to vStor Atlanta.

  2. Go to Storage and ensure that you can see the replica volume in the list.

  3. Go to Replication, select the replication relationship with vStor Singapore, click More Actions (⋯) > Delete to break this replication relationship.

Phase 5: Create a snapshot from the replica volume

  1. In vStor Atlanta, create a snapshot from the replica volume. Name it almost same as the original snapshot in vStor Singapore but increment it by 1. For example, SSSV_dailybu.16000001.

    Attention! Do not reuse the same snapshot name such as SSSV_dailybu.16000000.

After completing all steps, you can create a share of their local replicate, and use BMR and Instant Access Anywhere.